Wednesday, April 11, 2018

We Help Make the Transition to Assisted Living Easier

At MorningStar Senior Living of Billings, we know families often go through a range of emotions once they realize their loved one needs more daily help in order to ensure their comfort and safety.  Furthermore moving into a retirement community, especially assisted living is often precipitated by a major life change, which is why we have put together a commonsense decision guide to help families navigate through the process.  
One thing to consider before making any decision is to think about what you are trying to solve, and not just next year, but with an eye to the next 5 to 10 years.  Also keep in mind that the concept of “assisted living” is only a few decades old and is intended to feel like a home – not an institution such as nursing homes of old.  Today’s assisted living is based on the European model and is a new paradigm in wellness and engagement.
Reading through our decision guide, you will find information on the things families should look for in terms of determining whether their loved one needs more help.  It talks about safety issues such as recent falls and balance problems, forgetfulness that could lead to a dangerous situation like leaving the stove-top on, and driving mishaps.  The guide also cautions families to notice things like weight loss, poor hygiene, and failing eyesight.  
Additionally MorningStar has tips to help you narrow down your choices of assisted living communities.  Along with considering location, price, and amenities, one of our most important tips is to take a tour of the community or communities you are most interested in.  Beyond the website and all the promotional materials, a tour provides an up close and personal look at the place you or your loved one is considering making their new home.  On our home page, we have a convenient link to an online form to set up a tour with us.   
MorningStar Senior Living of Billings represents the finest in senior living with our unique mission statement “to honor, to serve, to invest.”  Our foundation is built on honoring God, valuing our seniors and hiring staff with a felt calling to serve in order to provide a true home for residents.  Please schedule a tour to experience firsthand our comfortable, home-like atmosphere.      

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