Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Companion Living Can Help Make Senior Living More Affordable

MorningStar of Billings recognizes that for some, senior living can seem out of reach for them financially, which is why we strive to help families find ways to make it affordable.  One of the solutions we offer is “Companion Living.”  This is where two unrelated people of the same sex share a suite, whether in independent living, assisted living or memory care.

Obviously it is ideal if you have a relative, friend or acquaintance that is looking for the same type of situation and you can pair up to share a suite with them.  However we know that option is not always available so we step in and help find a suitable companion for you. 

We carefully pair residents together based on common backgrounds and interest as that provides a good basis for building a friendship.  With this living arrangement, the rent of the shared suite is split.  In addition given the variety of floor plans and configurations we offer such as one bathroom designed as a Jack and Jill or two bathrooms, you will be able to find an apartment that fits your needs.  

Beyond the financial advantage, companion living can help ease the transition to a senior living community.  The presence of a roommate can encourage more confident socialization with the broader community, and having someone around who knows the ropes is always helpful.  Also you can look out for one another’s interests and most likely be the first one to notice a change in the other’s health or abilities.  Also we all know, when a friend is present, everything else suddenly feels that much better.

We encourage you to visit MorningStar of Billings’ website to learn more about companion living within our independent and assisted living or memory care.  While you are there, set up a tour to visit us in person. 

MorningStar Senior Living of Billings represents the finest in senior living with our unique mission statement “to honor, to serve, to invest.”  Our foundation is built on honoring God, valuing our seniors and hiring staff with a felt calling to serve in order to provide a true home for residents.  Please schedule a tour to experience firsthand our comfortable, home-like atmosphere.      

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