Sunday, July 15, 2018

Socially Active Seniors Show Less Cognitive Decline

In order to thrive and lead fulfilling lives, people need to socialize with one another, and seniors are no different.  In fact studies show loneliness can have a detrimental effect on the elderly while socializing can help to enhance and enrich seniors’ lives.

An article in the US News & World Report discusses a study on seniors’ social interactions conducted by the Rush Memory and Aging Project and funded by the National Institute on Aging.  The study found that the most socially active seniors experienced one-fourth the rate of cognitive decline as seniors with the lowest levels of social activity.  The results were independent of other factors that may influence cognitive decline including physical activity, general health, and age.    

During a five year period, the Rush University project followed 1,138 adults with an average age of 80.  Their research discovered that “elderly people with the highest levels of social activity -- doing things such as visiting friends, going to parties or attending church -- showed much lower levels of cognitive decline than those who were the least socially active.” 

At MorningStar of Fort Collins, we strongly believe we need to address our residents’ overall health and wellbeing through physical, intellectual and spiritual activities as well as to help them engage socially.  Our life enrichment programs present creative ways for residents to stay active and productive for both companionship and pure fun.  Our programs tap into residents’ unique talents and experiences as well as allow them to find new avenues of interest.  In addition to our in-house activities, we take group trips to cultural destinations, parks, area malls, scenic drives, and restaurants.

Please visit our website to see what is happening at MorningStar of Fort Collins.  We proudly offer the area the finest assisted living and memory care and are committed to creating a true home for our residents.

MorningStar of Fort Collins represents the very best in senior living with a mission “to honor, to serve, to invest.”  Our foundation is one built upon honoring God, valuing all seniors and selecting team members with a felt calling to serve.  We invite you to schedule a tour to discover the finest assisted living Fort Collins has to offer.


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